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BlokCages are reusable shipping cages that are custom made for high value materials that require elevated security and damage prevention precautions. The external skeleton is made of high strength steel, a patent pending base design with built in shock absorption, and loading ramp. Compared to the current industry standard, wood pallets, BlokCages offer major advantages for shipping and service:

  • Prevents Damage
  • Minimizes job completion delays
  • Can be used to keep products safe while sitting in warehouses or other storage situations.
  • Product lifespan is significantly longer and are 100% reusable with minimal upkeep
  • Collapses to become its own return container
  • Customer Service Differentiator
  • Green packaging solution eliminates disposable packaging waste

Bumper Blanket:

Bumper Blanket

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble Wrap



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Bumper Blankets

Each Blokcage comes with one blanket. Order additional bumper blankets here.

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Bubble Wrap

This bubble wrap is reusable.

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